Peace In The Freezing Rain

I stood in the freezing rain, wind blowing, being completely miserable about having to wait for the bus which, of course, was late and bemoaning having to be out on a day like this and suddenly I heard myself say “This is a peaceful moment.” and my sarcastic self replied, “Well, it could be.” And then I thought about it and I realized that it wasn’t life threatening. I was lucky that there is a bus to take me where I want to go. And that I will survive this. Later when I was thinking about it, I thought this is life. It is full of all kinds of inconveniences and I get to choose how I live my life. And I did. I chose to change my perspective and see the glass as half full and this made a world of difference. I was also pleased that not only did my meditation practise come to me, but that, after my typical reaction, I chose to think differently. I want to have a peaceful life and I can. It doesn’t mean that the weather will always co-operate with what I have on my agenda each day.  It doesn’t mean that things will just be smooth and always go my way. What it does mean, is that when things don’t go exactly as hoped for, I can decide to be peaceful about it. I can choose to be calm and breathe and take what I’ve been practising on the mat and apply it to my everyday life. The great thing is that the universe will keep supplying you with more and more opportunities to practise, if you will eventually get it. If that’s what you choose.




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