Peace in the present moment


I notice that I’ve been living in the future with a lot of uncertainty, worry and fear. It is not a pleasant place to be and yet over and over again that’s where I find myself. The longer I stay there the more it becomes hopelessness and helplessness, which is an even more unpleasant place to be. So, eventually, I asked myself what are the techniques I have used to get out of this place and I remember ‘this is a peaceful moment’. I must say I am shocked and delighted at how well this works, every time. I feel myself take a breath, my shoulders relax, I feel the tension slip away. Sometimes, before I know it I am back there again. Sometimes, I remember quickly, other times it takes me longer. I recognize that it is a choice and I choose the peaceful moment. I remind myself that it’s a practice and the important thing is that I continue to practice.



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