Week 3 of my Experiment

So I have been welcoming my negative emotions and sitting with them. The other day I was off on a new adventure and was feeling nervous about it, so I said welcome nervousness, come along with me. It occurred to me that those feelings will be with me no matter what. They just are. I noticed that when I acknowledged that they were there and invited them along, I actually felt better. It was ok that I was nervous, in fact it totally made sense, and I think in this acceptance of the feelings there was less of a struggle with them. They had been recognized, heard and accepted which is exactly what they want, so they were no longer trying to get my attention.

I also noticed this week that spending time with negative emotions can leave you with residual feelings that can affect your view of the rest of the day. So, now I am adding some time feeling positive feelings. I heard on tv the benefits of positive daydreaming. I’d never heard this term before and it was perfect timing. I think of things that make me happy. It can be something that actually happened, something I did, some nice thing someone did for me, something someone said, or it can be rewriting an ending to something that happened in a more positive way. There are lots of ways to do this and it’s been fun rewriting my interactions.


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