Being in the mystery….

I’ve noticed lately that I have been struggling and I believe it’s because I am attached to the outcome. It feels hard not to be, especially when it seems I’m working on being myself and asking for what I want from the universe, from my life, from myself. So it dawned on me, and I must say that I love when this happens. When suddenly a great idea pops into my head, seemingly out of nowhere. I’d like to know this place and have access to it much more often.

Anyway, the idea was to be in the mystery. And I love that idea.  I felt relief right away. And that’s when I recognized that I was being attached to the outcome and I needed to let it go.  And so I did. At least for a time. It’s an unfamiliar place, this place of waiting to see how it will unfold. But I think it appeals to the curious part of me. The part of me that wants to see what will happen next. I think it helps that I am also working on cultivating patience. So then I get to a place where it’s a bit boring. I mean at least when you take actually action, how ever unwise it may turn out to be, you see the effect right away. In this new place it takes time for it to unfold and again I get to practise patience. I find I am willing to do this because I really do want to see how it’s going to unfold. It’s a mystery. 

I find this really is the best idea that I have. I can see that my other ideas really aren’t that productive and likely won’t end with a result that I’ll be satisfied with. So I am willing to trust that there is a plan in place and my job is it wait and be in the mystery.